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Aesthetic vision.
Artistic view and intention.
Surface of congruent dimentions.
"Tools" and artistic act.
What if all of the above constitute a work of art? And
what if, in default of the artist, there is poetry? How wonderful that will be.
What is meant here, though, is not the illustration of some poem
or poetry that is lyrical-experiential and Greek-loving: "Your eyes,
a sea of love, and their colour, Greece..." but Poetry such
as "Do not degrade it (your life) by exposing it to the daily
nonsense of relationships and associations..."
Well, what about feeling*? What about emotion?
Just how much feeling does Art have room for and how much emotion
can it bear?
How many more artist who do not dare to show exaggeration**
and derive pleasure from an "exact copy" of nature,
addressing themselves to easily-moved, affable art lovers will it take?
Does Angeliki Kourkoulou set traps with her work on both the
formar and the latter? I suspect something like that, or is it
what I wish for?
For what role do those three blue dots play in the
absolute camaieu of the red landscape? And what illegible
tiny red shape in such astrictly blue work, that of the demystification of
easily provoked emotion?
Answer us, Angeliki!



*Extreme sentiment produces a plethora of bad actors, whereas
complet lack thereof is what prepares wonderful artists



** Love exaggeration, that lie of noble souls.